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Get a Free-Standing Stainless Steel Water Cooler, Dispenser or Drinking Fountain as a Functional Stand-Alone Feature For Your Office Floor

Providing water for your employees to drink during their workday helps them stay hydrated at work, function better, and feel more refreshed and productive. Investing in a water dispenser is a simple way to upgrade your office, making spending time there more comfortable and enjoyable. Smarter Water provides elegant standing water cooler solutions for businesses […]

Get a Cabinet or Benchtop Water Cooler and Dispenser for the Office

People become thirsty from working hard, and a water cooler dispenser is a perfect addition to the office. They are easy to install and maintain, keeping staff and visitors always hydrated during Queensland’s hot summers. Our range of proven water dispensers is popular for its large tanks, ergonomic design and hygienic materials used in its […]

Quick and effective tips to clean your water cooler

Contaminated water can causes health-related issues. It is essential to have your water cooler cleaned on a regular interval to ensure healthy and clean water. When a water cooler is effectively cleaned, the water will be safe for consumption. It will enhance your health and overall well-being. You should contact Brisbane water cooler suppliers if […]

6 Major Benefits of Renting a Water Cooler

Going in for a water cooler rental allows you to have access to a clean and unlimited supply of fresh drinking water. Not only does it supply you filtered water in no time but also saves you from the expenditure of purchasing bottled water that may slowly add up to cost you huge in the […]

4 Common Misconceptions about Water Coolers

Water coolers have gained huge popularity due to the benefits associated with them. However, many individuals still harbor plenty of misconceptions about water coolers. They believe that they are quite expensive to purchase and you need to spend a lot on maintenance. You should speak to Brisbane office water cooler  specialists and they will bust […]

What is Inside Your Bottled Water

Due to increasing environmental awareness and the ubiquity of plastic usage, people are questioning the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water. Big companies convinced the public to drink bottled water, even in places where tap water is safe and clear. But bottled water itself can be hazardous…

Advantages of Opting for a Bottleless Office Water Dispenser

Bottle-less office water dispensers have become popular for organisations. There are several factors that have driven the increase of bottle-less water dispensers in workplaces. You can secure a bottle-less water dispenser at cost-effective prices from your local water cooler providers. The latest water dispensers are available in several varieties to suit your organisation’s varied requirements. Here […]