Benchtop Water Coolers

If you’re short on space but still want the convenience and health benefits of a water cooler in your home or workplace, our benchtop water coolers are the perfect solution. Keep your family, staff, or visitors hydrated without wasting much-needed space. With our range of compact units, you can simply place your water cooler on a benchtop and enjoy all the benefits of a water cooler without sacrificing floor space.

Benchtop and Tabletop Water Dispenser or Under Bench Water Chiller for Counter Coolers for the Office

We are all familiar with the traditional dispensers that use a big plastic bottle and require regular replacement during the hot summers. There is an alternative, and we’d like to introduce our compact bench water coolers and under sink coolers.

The Benefits of Benchtop Water Coolers

There is often no room for a cabinet style water dispenser, especially in the kitchenette of a small office, and this is where our tabletop water coolers shine. We have two models available, both of which are also available in the cabinet configuration. The D5 model is our steadfast workhorse with which we made our name, and the newer D19 model is a compact little dispenser for micro-offices. They are both available in either hot & cold or cool & cold configuration.

  • The dispensers are connected to the main water supply and are compatible with most industry-standard, inline filtration systems. The D5 model has a sizeable 14.3-litre tank for cold water storage, while the smaller D19 has a capacity of 3.3 litres. Both models have a secondary tank of 1.8 litres for either hot or cool water, depending on the configuration.
  • The high-quality and durable polypropylene taps are easy to clean. The D5 dispenser units come standard with lever-type taps that offer a good flow rate, and the hot water tap is of a safety design to prevent accidents. Push taps are optionally available, which reduces physical contact with the taps, and the D19 comes standard with push taps.
  • A water dispenser for the tabletop is available in either glossy black or white. The front consists of UV-resistant ABS plastic that can withstand everyday bumps from coffee mugs and other office utensils. The sides are made from durable steel sheets specially coated to provide both a smart finish and a hygienic surface.

How About an Under Counter Water Chiller?

There are times and locations when you don’t want to install a water dispenser but want to provide workers and students with access to cold water. We offer two solutions for this problem:

  • Water bubbler. These units operate like the traditional water fountain by producing an angled stream of water. The standalone unit is made from tough polyethene plastic and can be bolted in place – it is IP33 rated for durability. This model can optionally be fitted with a purifier system and a bottle filler. The other unit is a more traditional sink that is attached to the wall at the desired height.
  • Inline cooler unit. The other option for cold water at the tap is installing an inline under-bench water chiller. The smaller unit can provide 8 litres an hour, whereas the larger unit provides 120 litres per hour to up to eight outlet points.

Smarter Water has provided offices, schools, and gyms with purified, clean water for over 20 years. We do not just sell our water coolers; we also service and maintain them regularly to ensure that the water is always of the best possible quality.

Contact us for a free assessment of your requirements and choice of water cooler unit.

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