SWIC1000 Multi Bubbler Chiller

60 Litre Storage
Stainless Steel Reservoir
Cools 120 Litres per Hours
Services up to 6 outlets
Heavy Duty construction
Designed and built in Australia
Superior Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Ideal for Schools, Mines, Sports Facilities, Dining Halls and any other High Demand applications

Our Smarter Water SWIC1000 water cooling and storage system provides enough cold water to cope with the most extreme periods of high demand. The combination of extreme cooling performance and a significant volume of stored cold water, make these coolers ideal for many applications such as Public access areas, Schools, Mines, Construction sites and Sporting Venues.

The SWIC1000 is a remote cooling system, which means it can be installed in-line, just prior to whatever tapware is most appropriate for the individual application. Whether that be a single faucet for high volume drawoff or a trough of up to 6 bubbler faucets at a school or sporting club.