Frequently Asked Questions

No, unless you have a home office. The Smarter Water refillable system has proven our most popular for home offices and will allow your staff to stay hydrated with fresh water all day. Please contact your local supplier to discuss the range of options to choose from.

We offer a range of filter options. For our popular refillable free-standing systems we provide an Activated Carbon Filter – a forerunning method widely used and proven over the last 20 years for removal of chlorine; whilst still retaining healthy, pH-balancing minerals in drinking water.

Depending on the system you choose we also provide multi-stage filtration with a combination of physical and chemical processes.

  1. Ion Exchange Resin, which slowly separates in the water, performing sterilisation and prevent bacteria from propagating.
  2. Chemical/ Chlorine reduction, plus reduction of pesticides, lead and chemicals from pesticide runoff. Silver elements naturally sanitise the water, eliminating the need to boil it.

Multi-stage filtration is also available with a further stage;

  1. Ceramic Disc with micro-scale pores, effective for removing bacteria from water.
  2. Sediment pre filters are available for removal of dirt and dust.

Smarter Water POU plumbed-in water dispenser systems are all connected to 0.5 micron filters, accredited to the highest industry standards by our manufactures in the USA. An additional “twin” sediment  pre-filter is added when required, for removal of any physical dirt prior to the chemical removal.

Please read the Chlorine Story Chlorine Story for more information.

Unfortunately, despite water treatment plants, due to a multitude of complex chemicals added to our water system, chemicals, salts of lead, copper and other metals; pesticides, organic materials, giardia, and bacteria contaminate much of the water we drink. The levels of such vary considerably.

An effective filter greatly reduces or removes contaminants presenting more healthy water.

The Smarter Water refillable system should not be run dry. Refill the bottle with the filling jug provided and if filtered water does not start running please Contact Us straight way.

You don’t. Smarter Water fully services the system for you including filter replacement as part of our service, included in your fixed cost unless agreed differently with your local operator. If you feel the taste is deteriorating Contact Us straight away

Twice per year. The filters are rated for 5000 litres. If is important to change the filter before it gets exhausted.

1 micron is one thousandth of a millimetre. A human hair is 64 microns on average. The human eye can see 34 microns. Smarter Water coolers provide 0.5 micron filtration as standard on main connected systems.

Yes, once the filter is wet bacteria will build up and will need to be replaced regularly.

When not using the system for more than a week or so, or going on holiday, always drain out any residual water when ready to start again. Never empty the outer bottle completely dry before going away as the filter will dry out.

Yes, we are servicing customer systems every day. Do not hesitate to Contact Us to book a service.

No, however we can provide Fluoride reduction with a specialised filter or reverse osmosis system.

No, however we can provide Fluoride reduction with a specialised filter or reverse osmosis system.If you cancel prior to the expiry of the fixed term your pre-payments cannot be refunded and you will need to pay the value of the unexpired period of the contract.

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