The Chlorine Story


Disease prevention Introduced by the British Government in 1900 chlorine is used to treat and control any bacteria present in water before it reaches us. Chlorine disinfectants stop waterborne disease, dysentery, typhoid and cholera – serious stuff.

What’s the problem?

Science Does Not Lie

Science now shows the “downside”. When chlorine disinfectant is added to our water, it combines with other natural compounds in organic matter to form NEW harmful by-products (DBPs) that can destroy cells and tissue inside our body, and are highly carcinogenic. New studies show a strong association between long term exposure to DBPs and increased rates of cancer.

The future of water purification will be a combination of municipal water treatment plants and filtration at point-of-use drinking systems.

“Chlorine is the primary cause of bad taste and odour in drinking water.
The modern world has resulted in as many as 300 chemicals and impurities known to be present in our water.“

What can we do?

Filtration is the answer

The good news is that chlorine can easily be reduced or removed through filtration process in your home or office with a Smarter Water system. Ask about our Free Trial