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What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler or Dispenser

Many people are considering purchasing water coolers and filtered water solutions for their homes. In other words, they aren’t only limited to offices now, as was the case years ago. Water coolers have indeed become a must-have home appliance.

For that reason, the number one company providing the ultimate filtered water solutions in Australia – Smarter Water – has decided to share the following guide on what to know before purchasing water coolers or dispensers for your home.

So, read on and find out more.

The Difference between Water Coolers and Water Dispensers

In general, people usually mistakenly consider water coolers and dispensers to be the same thing. Although this is partly true because both of them are types of dispensers, they also differ because not every water dispenser is necessarily a water cooler.

In other words, there are mainly two types of dispensers: a water cooler that cools the water which is usually electric, and a non-electric dispenser that only dispenses the water without cooling it. Both types can fit standard two-, four, or five-gallon bottles that you can buy or fill the bottle yourself, with drinking water, of course.

Benchtop Water Cooler vs. Floor Standing Water Coolers

Both water coolers and dispensers are mainly divided into two types: benchtop water cooler/ dispenser and floor standing water coolers /dispensers, of which the floor standing type is more expensive.

Furthermore, they both require an electrical outlet, so make sure you have this in mind when you consider their location, whether it is your living room, kitchen, or patio. Plus, if your main reason for buying a water cooler is having cool water to drink, then you’d better choose one of the floor standing water coolers because they have bigger compressors.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

Regardless of your choice, whether it is a dispenser or cooler, they will both have one faucet at least. But, one of the top features water coolers or dispensers could have is another faucet for hot water. Even though it isn’t boiling water, it is hot enough for preparing hot drinks like tea or hot chocolate. This is extremely convenient and saves you time waiting for the kettle to boil and prepare yourself a hot drink to enjoy on a chilly night. And, if you have small children, no worries since most hot water faucets feature safety child locks.

Filtered Water Solutions

Luckily, some water coolers and dispensers come with a filtration system incorporated in the water bottle which you should fill and place on the unit. This means that you wouldn’t have to buy plastic bottles which not only saves you time and money but also protects the environment. What’s more, by choosing one of the many filtered water solutions available you will also enjoy the numerous health benefits of drinking purified toxic-free water.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the main things to consider when buying water coolers or dispensers, it’s time you give Smarter Water a call and ensure you get the right solution you need.

Office Water Coolers

7 Reasons to Choose a Plumbed Water Cooler Dispenser over Filtered Water

Plumbed water cooler dispensers are turning highly popular nowadays as they offer a perfect solution. Due to ease of use and functionality, services like Sunshine Coast office water coolers abound in residential areas. Why is the plumbed water cooler option preferred over other alternatives? Read further to find the real cause.

1. Cleaning is easy

Plumbed water coolers have built-in features that limit cleaning time. Antimicrobial protection constrains mold growth, microorganisms, and yeasts with ultraviolet action that allows plumbed water coolers to perform their own self-cleaning.

2. Space saving

In place of wasting valuable kitchen space or plastic water bottles, consider a plumbed water cooler dispenser as a space saver. Not only does it save space, but it also saves the hassle of storing multiple bottles.

3. Brings an end to fuss

Water coolers directly linked to plumbing provide an unlimited and all time water supply. No longer do you need to keep eye on the inventory of your stacked water bottles as the dispensers directly from your tap supply clean drinking water in seconds.

4. No more bottle delivery

When you rely on office water coolers, you must order replacement bottles at the right time so you don’t run short of water. However, with plumbed water dispensers from Sunshine Coast office water cooler, you are saved the headache of ordering and waiting for a new delivery. No need to lift those heavy bottles and place them over the cooler unit, resulting in greater convenience.

5. Price constraint

When you do not have to order water bottles, your overhead expenses will drop. These water bottles may not be very expensive and are available at low prices, but with plumbed water cooler dispensers, you get free water every time you want it

6. Adheres to the go green code

This may be a bit surprising, but yes, plumbed Sunshine Coast water coolers do decrease you carbon footprint. They cut down the transportation and disposal, thus abiding by go green rules.

7. No more nasties

The drinking water you get from plumbed water cooler dispensers is free of deposits; hence, you always have purified water. You are not going to encounter a metallic taste or chlorine content. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are drinking safe water without any health hazards.


We hope we have provided a clear idea how plumbed water dispensers are cost-effective and worth installing in any home or commercial space. So what are you waiting for? Call Sunshine Coast water cooler now and get a plumbed water cooler dispenser installed right away to enjoy clean drinking water.