Advantages of Opting for a Bottleless Office Water Dispenser

Bottle-less office water dispensers have become popular for organisations. There are several factors that have driven the increase of bottle-less water dispensers in workplaces. You can secure a bottle-less water dispenser at cost-effective prices from your local water cooler providers. The latest water dispensers are available in several varieties to suit your organisation’s varied requirements.

Here are some advantages of bottleless water dispensers that you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Cost:

Consider saving money and the environment when it comes to offering water to your employees. Bottleless water dispensers have emerged as a cost-effective option when it comes to water for your employees. Aside from the fact that you save money on buying less bottled water, you don’t have to worry about an increase in power bills as Smarter Water dispensers have been designed to meet standards of energy efficiency. So, get in touch with Smarter Water, for your office water cooler.

2. Space-saving:

A shortage of space is a common concern for many organisations and a bottle-less water dispenser is ideal in this situation. You no longer have to store bottles of water within the office, so you require less space. Yet another advantage of bottle-less dispensers is that they are available in countertop models which are even more space-saving. Brisbane water coolers will help in meeting your requirements for bottle-less water dispensers.

3. Environmental-friendly:

We are all aware that plastic bottles pose serious threats to the environment. It is worth noting that nearly 480 billion plastic water bottles were bought in the year 2018 and less than half of those bottles were recycled. That figure is expected to surge in the years to come. Bottleless water dispensers provide an outstanding sustainable alternative to disposable water bottles. They are environmental-friendly and can save you enormous money by reducing your organisations’ expenses.


Many offices now opt to switch to bottleless water dispensers to take advantage of the many benefits. You can buy bottleless water dispensers from reliable Brisbane office water cooler professionals. They helps save employees’ precious time and energy. When you rely on water bottles you may require somebody to take inventory and place an order for new bottles. With a bottleless office water dispenser, nobody has to spend time to refill a water jug or order more supplies. Bottleless water dispensers can save time, money, and space. They have emerged better for your business, employees, and guests.

The Pros and Cons of Bottleless Water Dispensers for Office Breakrooms

It is the responsibility of employers to create a suitable environment for employees to work. They also must give equal importance to the food they provide to the employees and water that they supply.

Many employees do not carry water bottles in the office and use the water that is available to them to quench their thirst. Gold Coast water coolers are in high demand. Businesses need to offer clean and pure drinking water at work.

However, before switching to the bottleless water dispensers, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Advantages of Bottleless Water Coolers

Listed below are some of the pros of bottleless water coolers:

1. High Value:

The upfront cost for a bottleless water cooler can be higher, as they add a lot of value in the long run.

You do not need to pay for the replacement water bottles or delivery charges to the people who are supplying it every day. These are the best and long-term solutions for businesses.

2. Eco-friendly:

If you want an eco-friendly office drinking water system, turning to the Gold Coast office water coolers could be one of the wisest decisions by you. Although many companies use refillable bottles, these eventually end up in landfills (or the ocean), and there is an environmental cost to having them delivered every week.

Bottleless water coolers are eco-friendly. With opting smart water coolers, you can reduce the use of plastic.

3. Highly Convenient:

Bottleless office water coolers are convenient to use. You can connect the water cooler directly to the plumbing system of the office building. This means that you can adjust the water supply based on the needs of your office and can enjoy an unlimited supply of drinking water.

4. Minimal Maintenance:

It is easier for you to maintain a bottleless water cooler as there is very little maintenance required. You must clean the cooler of any dust and grime, just like every other item in the office, and you also need to change the filter to retain its effectiveness. You can easily replace the filter yourself, so you will not have to pay any service fee for this.

5. No Bottles to Store:

There is no need to keep a space for the bottles that other types of watercooler require. Your bottleless water cooler will occupy a little space in your kitchenette or cafeteria. It also fits in every breakroom. It is free from leakages. So, you do not have to worry about leaks.

Disadvantages of Using Bottleless Water Cooler

With advantages come the disadvantages too. However, the advantages of using the bottle-less water cooler will overshadow the disadvantages.

1. The Upfront Cost Is High:

Bottleless water dispensers are costlier compared to the bottled water. The installation cost can be high, as you must call a plumber. The installation cost depends on the distance the water must travel to the dispenser.

2. Noise:

A bottleless dispenser produces some noise as it is filtering and dispensing the water, and as it cools and heats the water.


With a little upfront investment, you can switch to a bottleless office water cooler. It’s a good long-term options that is also eco-friendly. You will get the best water in your breakroom without filling it with bottled water. It occupies less space and supplies fresh water continuously.