How a Water Cooler Makes Your Office Happy

Water is indispensable for human beings and you can’t imagine life without it. It is important to check what kind of water you drink. Sunshine Coast water cooler experts say that that the water you sip must be free from contaminants and bacteria. And, you must have easy access to clean and safe water in order to stay healthy. Many offices often rely on tap water and do not pay adequate attention to employees’ safety and health. It may prove costly in the long run as employees may fall unwell and go on sick leave. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to invest in a top-quality bottleless water cooler for your office.

Discussed below are some factors of office water coolers that make your office a happy place:

1. Reduced Risks to Employees’ Health:

When you install a bottleless water cooler it can have wonderful results for the health and well-being of your employees. As they will be sipping clean and safe water, the chances of falling sick with a water-borne illness will be significantly reduced.

A healthy employee is asset to the company. It will also enhance their productivity that will ultimately benefit the organization. Additionally, the public and private water treatment facility must ensure the availability of potable, safe, and good tasting water. When an office opts to install a reverse osmosis filter or bottleless water cooler, employees can enjoy good quality water. You can purchase good quality bottleless water cooler from office water coolers Sunshine Coast and give your office a happy and healthy environment.

2. Access to Fresh Water:

You can rely on a water cooler to provide fresh water to staff in the office. But, many offices frequently use bottled water coolers to make drinking water available for their employees. And, there may be health risks that employees may face as a result of this. The bottles need to be changed and it’s possible for  contaminants to enter the water cooler when you get the bottle changed. Further, a large number of bottled coolers are not cleaned at regular intervals. This can lead to water contamination thus posing health risks to employees. It is always safe to rely on bottleless water cooler. Moreover, employees can access fresh water at any point in time. Organisations that invest in their employees’ well-being get good returns in the longer run.

You can contact experts at the water cooler Sunshine Coast to make the purchase of a top-quality bottleless water cooler and avoid this risk.

3. Affordable:

Yet another feature of bottleless water coolers is their cost. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a bottleless water cooler. Units are more economical over their lifetimes than conventional water coolers. You can buy affordable floor units for your office from Smarter Water. And there are also compact countertop models appropriate for your home. Additionally, the unique bottleless design will make the requirement to move heavy five-gallon bottles redundant. Thus, you will end up saving the subscription cost as well.


Bottleless water coolers have emerged as convenient and low maintenance ways to supply fresh water to your staff. Smarter Water has built a reputation supplying reliable bottleless water coolers. In such water coolers, the seals remain inside the cooler which brings down the risk of contamination significantly. There is also be no interruption during busy workdays as there are no deliveries. This also eliminate a security risk because you do not have to open your building for deliveries.

How to Prevent Common Waterborne Contaminants

Different sources of freshwater, both surface and ground, can carry innumerable invisible contaminants. This contamination can be chemical, physical, and even biological and often makes the consumption of the water dangerous.

Pollution gets into the water in several ways and drinking unclean water can cause various types of serious illness. It is necessary to treat and filter water before consuming it. For most of Australia, this is done by the council. For better knowledge about filtered water, you can also reach out to Brisbane filtered water specialists.

What Are the Various Containments Found in Water?
Arsenic: It is one of the most common containments found in water all over the world. It is a heavy metal that happens to be in many rocks and sediments underground. Underground mining sometimes releases arsenic in the underground water.
If you are exposed to arsenic for a long time, it can cause kidney, bladder, and lung cancer. Arsenic is also known to cause skin and cardiovascular disease. Water cooler Brisbane keeps arsenic away by proving you freshwater. Municipal water treatment removes arsenic.

Bacteria and viruses: We all know that bacteria and viruses can be found everywhere from air to water. Infectious microorganisms like E.coli and Salmonella are found in the water. If left untreated, these can be fatal. They can cause nausea, diarrhoea, dehydration, and also vomiting. Small children are especially vulnerable and can face life-threatening complications.
Nitrates: This is found in manure and fertilisers. Natural bacteria convert fertilisers into nitrates, which moves into waterways, and can ultimately contaminate drinking water. Nitrates can cause health problems with hours or single exposure. They affect red blood cells. Infants can be affected by blue baby syndrome after to exposure to nitrates.
Lead: This is a heavy metal found in water. The toxicity of lead causes brain and nervous system damage. It mainly enters the water through old pipes and fittings in plumbing systems. To keep such toxins away from the water, you can look to office water coolers Brisbane for more information.
How to Prevent the Various Containments Found in Water?
You can take steps to ensure your water is free from any kind of containment, such as:

1. Carbon filtration
Carbon block filters remove impurities and absorb pollutants like pesticides, benzene, and heavy metals. You can use a different combination of mechanical filtration and electrokinetic absorption along with carbon filtration. It is one of the most effective treatments for reducing the amount of containment entering your body.

2. UV Purification
To remove a bacteria or virus, you need to use UV water purification. It removes all the organic and microbial contaminants.

Water purifiers are essential. With the increase of deadly diseases, it has become imperative to invest in proper drinking water from Smarter Water – office water coolers in Brisbane. Staying healthy and keeping immunity is our priority especially during the pandemic crisis. Stay healthy and keep your family safe.

What is Inside Your Bottled Water

Due to increasing environmental awareness and the ubiquity of plastic usage, people are questioning the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water. Big companies convinced the public to drink bottled water, even in places where tap water is safe and clear. But bottled water itself can be hazardous to your health.

If you are still confused, we will guide you through the cons of bottled water in this post below:

Chemicals Found in the Bottle

Bottles are made out of plastic and this plastic can contain chemicals that are detrimental to your health. To determine what kind of chemicals are present in your bottle, check the recycling symbol. Plastic #1 (PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one of the common plastics used for making bottles. This type has no risk to human health. Plastics that are #2, #3, #4, and #5 have a. Plastic #7 contains BPA and it is best to avoid it wherever possible.


BPA is Bisphenol A. It is a chemical that is used for the production of plastic. These plastics are then used for making bottles. Many studies say that BPA can leak from the bottles into the water. Low-grade quality plastic water bottles have a high chance of leaking BPA into the water. BPA causes many health problems including hormonal issues, disrupt the brain development of foetuses and young children, and contribute to high blood pressure and heart diseases. High-quality Brisbane office water coolers help you move to a bottleless supply.

Environmental Effects of Plastic Water Bottles

We all know that plastic itself is a huge threat to our environment. Disposal of plastic bottles causes a huge range of adverse effects to our mother earth. According to research, people throw away over approximately 60 million plastic water bottles every day. And many of these they end up in waterways and ocean. These plastic release toxins as they degrade. These toxins are extremely bad for ocean ecology and to humans. It takes thousands of years for a plastic product to completely break down. You can go for Brisbane water cooler as an alternative method to help earth heal and your health.

Which is Better?

Overall, normal filtered water is better than bottled water in most cases. It is a convenient and healthier option for your body. Occasionally, you can use bottled water when traveling but try to get a high-grade plastic bottle. Pregnant women need to be very careful of the water they intake as well as the quality.

Most of the water for bottled water is taken from the local water supplies. That means you are paying way more than is required for normal water. It is also not clear that the proper protocols for testing the quality of water in bottled water are very strict.

Anyone searching for high-quality water should check out a Brisbane office water cooler. We use microbiological purification that eliminates potential pathogens like Salmonella and Hepatitis and carbon filtration removes pollutants like chlorine and lead. Normal filtered water is more likely to be 99.99% bacteria-free.

Advantages of Opting for a Bottleless Office Water Dispenser

Bottle-less office water dispensers have become popular for organisations. There are several factors that have driven the increase of bottle-less water dispensers in workplaces. You can secure a bottle-less water dispenser at cost-effective prices from your local water cooler providers. The latest water dispensers are available in several varieties to suit your organisation’s varied requirements.

Here are some advantages of bottleless water dispensers that you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Cost:

Consider saving money and the environment when it comes to offering water to your employees. Bottleless water dispensers have emerged as a cost-effective option when it comes to water for your employees. Aside from the fact that you save money on buying less bottled water, you don’t have to worry about an increase in power bills as Smarter Water dispensers have been designed to meet standards of energy efficiency. So, get in touch with Smarter Water, for your office water cooler.

2. Space-saving:

A shortage of space is a common concern for many organisations and a bottle-less water dispenser is ideal in this situation. You no longer have to store bottles of water within the office, so you require less space. Yet another advantage of bottle-less dispensers is that they are available in countertop models which are even more space-saving. Brisbane water coolers will help in meeting your requirements for bottle-less water dispensers.

3. Environmental-friendly:

We are all aware that plastic bottles pose serious threats to the environment. It is worth noting that nearly 480 billion plastic water bottles were bought in the year 2018 and less than half of those bottles were recycled. That figure is expected to surge in the years to come. Bottleless water dispensers provide an outstanding sustainable alternative to disposable water bottles. They are environmental-friendly and can save you enormous money by reducing your organisations’ expenses.


Many offices now opt to switch to bottleless water dispensers to take advantage of the many benefits. You can buy bottleless water dispensers from reliable Brisbane office water cooler professionals. They helps save employees’ precious time and energy. When you rely on water bottles you may require somebody to take inventory and place an order for new bottles. With a bottleless office water dispenser, nobody has to spend time to refill a water jug or order more supplies. Bottleless water dispensers can save time, money, and space. They have emerged better for your business, employees, and guests.

Health & Safety Compliance: How Clean is Your Water Cooler?

Water coolers are always set up with the best of intentions: to provide offices, schools and even your home a safe, cold source of drinking water. And while water coolers and filters seem like the cleanest way to drink, it really all boils down to our own setup and handling of the system.

Set up your water cooler the wrong way and/or neglect the system entirely, and you could be better off drinking straight from the tap in the office kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your water cooler clean.

Work Environment Regulations

If you’re providing a water cooler in a public place, there are certain regulations you need to comply to. According to Safe Work Australia Code of Practice for Managing the Work Environment and Facilities, drinking water should be:

  • Provided free of charge for workers at all time,
  • Positioned where it can be easily accessed by workers
  • Close to where hot or strenuous work is being undertaken to reduce the likelihood of dehydration or heat stress
  • Separate from toilet or washing facilities to avoid contamination of the drinking water

The drinking water should also be chilled at or below 24 degrees Celsius. This can be achieved by:

  • Refrigerating the water or providing non-contaminated ice
  • Shading water pipes and storage containers from the sun

Water should be supplied in a hygienic manner, so that workers do not drink directly from a shared container. This may involve:

  • A drinking fountain, where the water is delivered in an upward jet
  • A supply of disposable or washable drinking containers.

What’s the big takeaway from these regulations? You need to provide water, make it easy to access and keep it cool. A water cooler can help with this. But “supplying it in a hygienic manner” is the one part where many go astray.

Positioning your water dispensers

Positioning and setup are everything if you want to provide clean drinking water for your business. Place your water cooler in a central location where it can easily be accessed by everyone. Don’t put it near a toilet area and never position your water dispenser where the bottle can be exposed to direct sunlight.

Make sure your water dispenser has a drain or drip tray to catch overflowing water and avoid fall hazards from slippery floors. To avoid contamination from water containers, provide disposable cups or cones for users at all times.

One solution to this potential issue is to use plumbed in water coolers. They pump in a direct chilled water supply and avoid issues with bottle rotation.

Cleaning and maintaining your water cooler

Plumbed In Floor Standing

Water dispensers must be cleaned and given proper maintenance to avoid contamination with harmful bacteria, such as E.Coli. One study of water dispensers in the UK found that more than a quarter of them showed bacterial contamination. Dirty water dispensers can lead to an entire office of people going home sick with stomach problems.

You should always clean your water coolers based on the guidelines of the manufacturer, preferably using a broad-spectrum sanitizer. If connected to a tap, this should also be cleaned weekly with a mild detergent. Remember those drip trays you have set up to keep water off the floor? Those should be wiped dry every day to avoid bacterial buildup. Regularly check your water coolers for dust buildup inside the container or in the air ventilation grills.

To ensure your water cooler isn’t neglected, you can make a schedule for regular cleaning, and assign responsibility to someone in your office with knowledge of proper cleaning measures.

Though the best strategy to avoid error and further contamination is to have an agreement with the manufacturer to provide cleaning and maintenance services for the life of the product.

Cleaning, maintenance and filter replacement for filtered systems are provided as part of the standard service for Smarter Waters’ water coolers. Filters are rated for 5000 litres and are replaced twice per year when the system is also fully sanitised with a hand-held steamer.

If you go on holiday or leave the system without using it for more than a week, you should always drain out the remaining water once you return. Never leave a filtered water system without water, as the filter will dry out.

Wrapping up

Keeping your water cooler clean can seem like a simple task. Wipe it down with a sanitizer, what could be easier? But what about the important water contact parts inside?

But in reality, for a business you are focussing on your work. The cleaning and maintenance needs of your water cooler really should be in the hands of a professional service company like Smarter Water. Yes, the safest bet to ensure your water cooler stays clean is to enlist the help of professionals giving you the peace-of-mind that you are drinking from a healthy system.