What is the Best pH Level for Drinking Water?

Water is life and drinking water is highly important for every being on this planet. Since it keeps our bodies alive, it is significant to look for the best sources. You might have heard the word, pH, when it comes to describing quality. Similarly, water has a pH level, and it is necessary to drink water that falls under the considered pH level. Water coolers Gold Coast is known to keep their water supply within the desired pH level. However, before we proceed, let us learn about pH value.

What is pH balance?

pH balance is used to describe the acidic or alkaline nature of a substance. The number of hydrogen ions present in water or a solution determines how acidic or basic a substance is. When a substance is acidic, the number of hydrogen ions is greatly concentrated and it therefore contains a low pH level. On the other hand, basic or alkaline substances have a low concentration of hydrogen ions and are known to have higher pH levels.

The scale of pH balance runs from 0-14. On this scale, 0 is strongly acid and 14 is strongly alkaline. For instance, the pH level of the stomach is 1, indicating that it is very acidic. If you take bleach, it has a pH value of 13, which is extremely alkaline.

The pH of the water is considered on the basis of hardness. If the pH value of water is lower than 6.5, it is considered soft and above 8.5, it is considered hard. Balance must be attained between 6.5 and 8.5. The office water cooler Gold Coast is a great way to invest in good quality freshwater, having a pH value between 6.5 and 8.

What is the pH of water?

In the range of 7 is considered the perfect pH value of water. It is called pure or neutral, although it is not the same in every place. If the authority is not taking adequate action to keep the local water clean, then it is hard to find the perfect pH balanced water. Again, natural water consists of gases and other materials; and this together determines the pH value of the water. Office water coolers Gold Coast provides fresh and quality water.

Health effects of pH

Since the pH value of our stomachs is on the acidic side, we cannot consume strongly alkaline food. The strength of acids and alkalis play a crucial role in keeping us healthy. Our stomach cannot tolerate things that are strongly acidic or alkaline. It is best to have something diluted. Lemon and vinegar, for example, might be acidic but are weak acids. That is why it poses no threat to our health.


Although pH often holds no influence for water consumers, it is among the important factors in operational water quality parameters. pH control of water is needed for good health management and to eliminate potential threats.

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