Why is it Important to Alkaline the Body with Hot Lemon Water?

The way you start each morning is crucial because it sets the tone for your day by waking up your body and mind. A mug of warm water with the juice of half a lemon can improve your health. It’s a choice that can build resistance to diseases and make your skin glow. Drinking lemon water is connected to an alkaline diet known to balance our PH levels and prevent a whole host of illnesses. All that is required is installing boiling water and lemons.

Ways Warm Water with Lemon Cancould Improve Your Life

1. Lemon water supports a healthy immune system

The juice of a lemon contains vitamin C which gives you a boost during flu season. This vitamin is also great for fighting colds because it helps the body’s immune defenses.

2. Lemon juice can keep you hydrated

A lot of people become dehydrated because they don’t imbibe enough fluids. Such people may experience constipation and dizziness along with other symptoms of a lack of sufficient water. Drinking lemon water gets fluids into your system to combat dehydration. Adding lemon enhances water’s flavor which is a relief to people who don’t like the taste of water all day long.

3. Lemon juice is good for your skin

Starting your day with warm water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. Lemon adds valuable vitamin C which can fight the free radicals that cause damage.Furthermore, vitamin C is the building block of collagen production to keeps your skin looking smooth.It also reduces skin wrinkling and sun damage.

4. It may reduce risk of developing kidney stones

A salt in citric called citrate binds to calcium and helps block kidney stone formation. Citrus juices are known as a natural sources of dietary citrate. Of all the citrus juices, lemon juice has the highest concentration of this kidney stone-blocking salt. Those who are at risk of developing kidney stones whoand consume lemon juice consistently experience a reduced rate of passing kidney stones. LeThe lemon water provides citrate and the fluidswater you need to flush out any existing the stones.

5. Lemon juice supports digestion

Hot and cold water dispensers will help you drink your lemon water daily as a laxative to prevent constipation. Taking in warm or hot lemon water when you wake up helps get your digestive system moving, allowing you to digest food more easily and prevent the buildup of toxins.

To reap the health benefits of lemon water, you need to drink it constantly and with more than a single wedge of lemon in your mug. Always use fresh lemon rather than artificial lemon or concentrate from a bottle. To make the drink as healthy as possible, use clean water from Brisbane hot and cold water dispensers.


Lemon water has many health benefits. Smarter Water is here to ensure that your lemon has hot clean water to help you want to drink more throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated which is critical to good health. So a lemon and hot and cold water dispensers is pretty much a win-win for everyone.

Gatorade and Powerade –Are They Really Good for You?

From eight glasses of water a day to sports drinks, we are always coached about what to drink, especially during and after exercise.We are obsessed with staying hydrated not just with water but with sports drinks that claim to do a better job of hydration. Thanks to the media exposure and their commercial availability, Gatorade and Powerade are regarded as magic potions. They are thought to speed up rehydration after an intense workout and improve fitness. During exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated and water from a hot & cold water dispenser is the most logical form of hydration.

Importance of Gatorade and Powerade

Gatorade and Powerade are essentially fortified flavored water. However, Gatorade and Powerade contain sugar and electrolytes that replace what we lose during a long exercise session. Electrolytes maintain the body’s ionic balance because these are minerals are essential for nerve, muscle, and brain functioning.An imbalance of electrolytes may lead to an electrolyte disorder. The sugar in Gatorade and Powerade fulfills your body’s immediate energy needs during and after exercise. Consequently, amino acids help the muscles recover and rebuild more quickly after strenuous exercise.

Disadvantages of Gatorade and Powerade

Unfortunately, it’s not only athletes who are drinking Gatorade and Powerade. Children also prefer sports drink at lunch or after soccer practice. Children are not as physically active as they should be so they hardly mandate the same habits. Even theminimal sugar in these sports drinks is also not healthy. Getting extra sugar while you are less active can lead to weight gain. Plus, sugar can contribute to tooth decay. That’s why companies are developing low or zero-calorie versions of their popular sports drink.
In addition, sports drinks contain food dyes that increase in the risk of hyperactivity in children. It is vital to keep in mind is that you always need water but a sports drink only sometimes after exercise. That’s where the benchtop water cooler Brisbane comes in handy to promote your water intake. The water constantly lost through urine, sweat, and respiration should be replenished by drinking water throughout the day.

Making the Right Decision for you and Your Children

Although Gatorade and Powerade can help you stay hydrated, it’s best to drink them only when needed. If you are not exercising for at least one hour, water is the best bet for staying hydrated. Electrolytes come from natural sources without added sugar and dyes. The consumption of sugar should be evaluated to make the healthiest decisions. Electrolyte replacement drinks are best for athletes who lose copious amounts of sweat over several hours. Recreational exercisers will perform just as well with water as the hydrating liquid of choice. Water remains the best source for children’s hydration.


Are you looking for a Brisbane hot and cold water dispenser provider? At Smarter Water, we are concerned with keeping you hydrated. Your health is our focus and thus we offer hydration solutions to support your everyday replenishment needs. Say goodbye to those unhealthy sports drinks and let Smarter Water take care of your health.