Get a Free-Standing Stainless Steel Water Cooler, Dispenser or Drinking Fountain as a Functional Stand-Alone Feature For Your Office Floor

Providing water for your employees to drink during their workday helps them stay hydrated at work, function better, and feel more refreshed and productive. Investing in a water dispenser is a simple way to upgrade your office, making spending time there more comfortable and enjoyable. Smarter Water provides elegant standing water cooler solutions for businesses that add style and professionalism to your space.

The Benefits of a Water Dispenser in the Workplace

A stand-alone water dispenser is a valuable addition to any office – improving your employees’ experience and adding a corporate element to the decor. A freestanding water cooler gives you access to fresh, chilled water on demand – helping employees stay hydrated during the warmer summer months. The simple act of offering a glass of cool water to your visitors can make a lasting impression on potential clients and investors. Showing your hospitality towards guests suggests your value for customer satisfaction and helps build friendly business relationships.

Keeping your water cold with a floor standing water cooler is more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water for your office. Refillable or plumbed-in water coolers reduce your need for single-use plastic water bottles that make up a large percentage of landfills. Buying bottled water is an unnecessary office expense that you can eliminate with a workplace water cooler.

Water Cooler Buying Guide

The number of people using your water cooler influences the volume of water the dispenser should hold. Consider how many employees, customers, and visitors you typically cater to, and determine your per-hour drinking water usage. Large offices with employees that enjoy filling their water bottles often can benefit from a plumbed-in water cooler. Refillable dispensers are more suited to small waiting rooms that have irregular traffic to and from the cooler, giving you more time to refill them between use.

Consider how you use the space when purchasing an office water cooler. Break rooms and kitchens are practical places to install compact under-counter bubblers that offer hot and cold-water options. Hot water is a bonus for making tea, coffee, and instant noodles much faster during the daily lunch rush. A free-standing drinking fountain works well in an open-plan office space for employees to fill water bottles and glasses within a few metres from their desks.

There are many options for the finish of your cooler that can add style to your office decor theme. Choose a water dispenser stand in stainless steel for high-traffic or client-facing areas for its sleek appearance and durability. Plastic dispensers are easy to clean and work well for everyday use.

Smarter Water is Australian owned and managed, and we have supplied local businesses with water dispensing solutions for over twenty years. Our prices include future servicing and maintenance, and we offer a free trial for you to test our products before you make your purchase. Contact us for more information.

Get a Cabinet or Benchtop Water Cooler and Dispenser for the Office

People become thirsty from working hard, and a water cooler dispenser is a perfect addition to the office. They are easy to install and maintain, keeping staff and visitors always hydrated during Queensland’s hot summers. Our range of proven water dispensers is popular for its large tanks, ergonomic design and hygienic materials used in its construction.

Different Configurations of Water Dispensers

We offer our advanced water dispensers in four convenient configurations, which means you’ll always be able to install one somewhere in your office. Most models are available as cold & hot or cold & cool, which leaves you with the decision of whether employees should be able to make their tea or instant coffee.

  • Refillable water coolers. These are the traditional type of cooler with the big bottle on top, and it is a standalone unit that you can position almost anywhere in the office. The system incorporates an advanced five-stage purification system, meaning that you can fill the bottle from the tap as required because the filter removes all the chemicals before dispensing the water.
  • Plumbed-in water coolers. The stylish water dispensers in this category are available in either white or black. They are cabinet-style, free-standing units connected to the main water supply, which means that there is no longer a plastic bottle that requires constant filling and changing. These dispensers are compatible with most inline filtration systems to ensure a clean supply of cool, refreshing water.
  • Plumbed-in benchtop water coolers. Like the cabinet style of dispensers, these benchtop water dispensers are designed to position on top of cabinets and kitchen benches. They are also connected to the main water supply and are available in various capacities, ranging from a 3.3 litre to a 14.3-litre cold tank. These models and the cabinet versions will continue to dispense water from the storage tanks even if the main inlet is shut off, meaning that the cooler is portable to a certain extent.
  • Under-sink coolers. The under-sink coolers are an innovative addition to our range. Available as either a floor-standing or a wall-mounted unit, they are connected to the main water supply and feature an integrated sink. The water is constantly cooled, with the units have a flow capacity of 25 litres per hour.

Smarter Water has been installing and servicing water coolers since 1999. Our original D5 model remains our most popular and efficient water cooler dispenser and is available in both cabinet and benchtop configurations. We offer a completely obligation-free trial of a suitable dispenser for your office located in Southeast Queensland–so we are confident in the ability of our products to impress you and your staff. Once you’re on board, we’ll regularly inspect and maintain the cooler, replace filters, and clean the tanks, so your team can enjoy their water.

Contact us for a consultation and assessment of your water cooler dispensing requirements.