Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Drink More Water Everyday

We hear the significance of drinking more water in our day to day life. Water plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and free from several harmful toxins. If you are looking to purchase top quality water coolers you can buy them from water coolers Sunshine Coast. Water makes up a majority of the human body’s weight. It has been involved several vital functions. Water can significantly flush out waste from your body. It helps in regulating body temperature. It helps your brain to function effectively.

Here is why you must drink plenty of water every day:

1. Water keeps your skin healthy:

When you spot someone with glowing and youthful skin, you will find that the person consumes a lot of water. Human skin likes moisture and water has emerged as one of the best natural moisturizers. It can significantly prevent wrinkles development. It can also delay aging and helps in keeping your skin smooth and supple.

2. Water helps you shed weight:

According to a recent research, it has been revealed that when you drink plenty of water every day, you will be able to lose weight with ease. You must drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. If you drink more water while dieting, you can lose extra pounds without spending much effort. You can procure durable water coolers from office water coolers Sunshine Coast.

3. Water helps in creating saliva:

Water has emerged as the main component of saliva. Saliva also contains some small amounts of mucus, enzymes, and electrolytes. Saliva plays a vital role in breaking down solid food. It can also keep your mouth in a healthy condition. When you take adequate fluids every day, your body will generate sufficient saliva. The production of saliva decreases as you become older or due to some therapies or medications. If you notice your mouth getting dry frequently, you should increase your water intake. Buy top quality water coolers from water cooler Sunshine Coast today and stay hydrated.

4. Water helps in regulating body temperature:

When you stay hydrated adequately, it will help in maintaining your body temperature. Your body tends to lose water when you sweat or perform strenuous physical activity. Sweating helps in keeping your body cool and composed during scorching hot summers. However, your body temperature may shoot up if you fail to replenish the water that you lose. It is therefore crucial to stay hydrated. Also, your body also loses plasma and electrolytes when it is hydrated. If you find yourself sweating profusely, it becomes imperative to drink lots of water. It will help you avoid dehydration.

5. Water protects tissues and spinal cord:

Adequate consumption of water will help in lubricating and cushioning your joints, spinal cords, and tissues. It will allow you to enjoy physical activities and bring down the discomfort caused by arthritis.


Water plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy and fit. The human body relies on water to sweat, bowel movements, and urinate. You must consume lots of water to replenish the lost fluid from sweating. Get good quality water coolers from office water cooler Sunshine Coast to meet your water requirements.  When you drink enough water every day, you can also avoid constipation. Sufficient water intake also helps your kidney function more effectively. It also helps you prevent kidney stones.

6 Major Benefits of Renting a Water Cooler

Going in for a water cooler rental allows you to have access to a clean and unlimited supply of fresh drinking water. Not only does it supply you filtered water in no time but also saves you from the expenditure of purchasing bottled water that may slowly add up to cost you huge in the long run. Renting a Sunshine Coast water cooler proves to be a saviour in this aspect as it does not compromise on the quality and also proves to be an economical alternative.

So, here are the top six benefits of renting a water cooler:

1. Nil capital investment

When you rent a cooler, you do not have to pay a high upfront to get it on your premises. All you need to pay is a monthly sum for the time span you use it. This saves you from investing a huge amount of money in purchasing a water cooler which can be kept aside for some other important work.

2. Gets a pragmatic insight

Renting a water cooler can also be thought of as a testing method where you can bring a water cooler home to test its functionality and quality. Once you are assured about the quality constraint and other parameters, you can consider investing in a water cooler at a later stage.

Using a rented water cooler gives you an in-depth insight into how it actually works, how it needs to be placed, and other similar considerations before making a purchase.

3. Replacement of filters made easy

When you regularly use a water cooler, overtime a biofilm starts to develop on its various parts. This can be thought of as similar to a sticky magnet that attracts bacteria further allowing them to breed in multitude. This can prove to be harmful to people who consume water from the water cooler which has accumulated a biofilm. Thus most of the water cooler renting companies offer a regular filter replacement based on the company discretion to safeguard the health of people.

4. Cost of maintenance

When you rent the Sunshine Coast office water cooler, you just pay a fixed monthly amount as the rent for the complete package. Such packages are usually inclusive of quarterly sanitisation, sterilisation, and similar such services that make your investment worth it.

5. Cost-effective solution

Any kind of issues in water cooler rentals are addressed by expert engineers.  Thus you can have peace of mind that your machines are in the hands of experienced people who can cater to the problems effectively in a quick span of time. Thus, renting a water cooler is a cost-efficient solution that gives you more advantages than buying the same.

6. Nil installation cost

While renting Sunshine Coast water coolers, you do not have to worry about their installation. Every such thing is taken care of by the company renting the water cooler. No more will you be required to hunt for an engineer to get the machine fixed at its place as all such things will be catered by the company people.


These were a few sure shot benefits of leasing a water cooler over purchasing one. So what are you waiting for? Rent a water cooler from Sunshine Coast office water coolers and leave the water supply worries in the hands of capable people. Not only will they get you a refreshing glass of water every time you need it but will also take care that it is healthy and clean for you to quench your thirst.