How a Water Cooler Makes Your Office Happy

Water is indispensable for human beings and you can’t imagine life without it. It is important to check what kind of water you drink. Sunshine Coast water cooler experts say that that the water you sip must be free from contaminants and bacteria. And, you must have easy access to clean and safe water in order to stay healthy. Many offices often rely on tap water and do not pay adequate attention to employees’ safety and health. It may prove costly in the long run as employees may fall unwell and go on sick leave. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to invest in a top-quality bottleless water cooler for your office.

Discussed below are some factors of office water coolers that make your office a happy place:

1. Reduced Risks to Employees’ Health:

When you install a bottleless water cooler it can have wonderful results for the health and well-being of your employees. As they will be sipping clean and safe water, the chances of falling sick with a water-borne illness will be significantly reduced.

A healthy employee is asset to the company. It will also enhance their productivity that will ultimately benefit the organization. Additionally, the public and private water treatment facility must ensure the availability of potable, safe, and good tasting water. When an office opts to install a reverse osmosis filter or bottleless water cooler, employees can enjoy good quality water. You can purchase good quality bottleless water cooler from office water coolers Sunshine Coast and give your office a happy and healthy environment.

2. Access to Fresh Water:

You can rely on a water cooler to provide fresh water to staff in the office. But, many offices frequently use bottled water coolers to make drinking water available for their employees. And, there may be health risks that employees may face as a result of this. The bottles need to be changed and it’s possible for  contaminants to enter the water cooler when you get the bottle changed. Further, a large number of bottled coolers are not cleaned at regular intervals. This can lead to water contamination thus posing health risks to employees. It is always safe to rely on bottleless water cooler. Moreover, employees can access fresh water at any point in time. Organisations that invest in their employees’ well-being get good returns in the longer run.

You can contact experts at the water cooler Sunshine Coast to make the purchase of a top-quality bottleless water cooler and avoid this risk.

3. Affordable:

Yet another feature of bottleless water coolers is their cost. You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a bottleless water cooler. Units are more economical over their lifetimes than conventional water coolers. You can buy affordable floor units for your office from Smarter Water. And there are also compact countertop models appropriate for your home. Additionally, the unique bottleless design will make the requirement to move heavy five-gallon bottles redundant. Thus, you will end up saving the subscription cost as well.


Bottleless water coolers have emerged as convenient and low maintenance ways to supply fresh water to your staff. Smarter Water has built a reputation supplying reliable bottleless water coolers. In such water coolers, the seals remain inside the cooler which brings down the risk of contamination significantly. There is also be no interruption during busy workdays as there are no deliveries. This also eliminate a security risk because you do not have to open your building for deliveries.