Purified Hot Water for Tasty Tea and Coffee

In recent years, many people have developed a bit of an addiction to coffee and tea due to their perfect taste. There are seasons when drinking ice cold water from a benchtop water cooler probably makes you shiver. This is the time of the year when we all settle for hotter beverages to keep us warm.Could your regular tap water be ruining your crafted creation or get you started with something hot in the morning? One thing often overlooked is the quality of water used to make our cups of coffee or tea.

Does the quality of the water matter?

Coffee and tea are 98% water, which makes instant boiling wateressential to the final product. Water is not just an ingredient but the solvent that extracts the flavor of your tea or coffee. To dissolve tea and coffee compounds, the water has to form a chemical bond with the solids. Therefore, the water you use can affect the taste and texture of your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Tap water vs filtered watered

Have you ever made your usual brewed coffee or tea and wondered why it had a weird taste.It’s probably the water. Unwanted flavor and impurities might be lurking in tap water and affect the final flavor of your beverage. Tap water is treated with chlorine which causes a foul taste and bad odor. Tap water content can even change with the weather (for example, when there is a lot of rain). Increased pressure can push extra particles through the tap, making your coffee or tea fail to hit the spot.

The next time that you find yourself in a specialty coffee or tea house, you might notice that they use filtered water. They control what ends up in your cup with designatedhot and cold water dispensers. Filtered water has mineral content that makes the water taste good. A low mineral content makesthe water lack mouthfeel and flavor, and it tastes flat. Unfiltered water also changes the color of tea by adding a cloudy appearance and a hint of a metallic taste. Filtered water infuses flavor more quickly and eliminates the murky froth that forms on top of the tea. Thus, as a coffee lover and tea devotee, filtered water gives you great enjoyment of your favorite tea or coffee.

Choose Purified Water

Purified water makes an astounding difference to the taste of tea and coffee.It contains enough minerals for flavor enhancement, which is an important part of the tea and coffee making process. It iseasy to fill in your coffee machine or tea kettle with purified water.


If you love your tea and like your coffee, use purified water. The difference between a good and a great cup is what’s in your water. At Smarter Water, we offer easy solutions for improving  coffee and tea taste with our hot and cold water dispensers. Contact usto ensure you purify your everyday drinking water and not just for tea and coffee.

Instant Boiling Water for your Office

Most people in offices are looking for convenience. They desire speed, efficiency, and practicality.That’s why hot and cold water dispensers are becoming so popular in the corporate world. Instantboiling water at the touch of a button cuts outwaiting  time and uses less energy. For the modern workforce, a benchtop water cooler Gold Coast is a logical choice. It appeals to those with a busy schedule and the boss’ stringent pocketbook. Apart from keeping  employees hydrated and refreshed, it offers clean and hygienic water that plays a significant role in good health.

The Surprising Benefits of Instant Boiling Water in Your Office

  1. Saves time

For instant boiling water, you just press the knob, and the water flows. Think about the number of times that employees boil the kettle during the workday. From a business efficiency point of view, abenchtop water cooler will save a lot of time throughoutthe day. This will add up to a more productivity because it alleviates queues and congestion. Employees will fully enjoy a longer lunch break because they won’t be waiting for water to boil.

  1. Hot andcold water dispensers are energy efficient

Getting instant boiling water from a dispenser uses less energy. Insulated dispensers don’t lose much heat. This saveson those skyrocketing bills. A dispenser is a small change in any office that comes with a big impact.

  1. Space

After investing heavily in office design, you need a dispenser that fits seamlessly into your well-organized space. Dispensers are available in a range of designs and styles;you can find a model for any decor. They fit into small spaces, making them ideal for a boardroom or executive suite. In short, instant boiling water can be accessed easily anywhere in your office.

  1. Serves a large number

In a high-traffic environment like an office, it is inefficient to boil water repeatedly all day long. By choosing a benchtop water cooler Sunshine Coast, your employeescan have a near-limitless stream of boiling water on demand. This gives any managerpeace of mind, knowingthe employees will have a large quantity of clean water to last even for days.

Water coolers and dispensers are agreat way to keep your office employees happy, healthy, and productive whileat work. They keep the water at everyone’s disposal and ensure a sufficient amount of water. They cater even to employees with mobility problems because they don’t require picking up to pour. You will make a safe and environmentally conscious decision with water coolers or dispensers.


After considering itscompelling benefits, the convenience of having instant boiling water in your office is clear. Whether you want to save time to improve productivity or reduce energy costs, Smarter Water has a solution that suits every situation. We will improve your productivity and give you less to think about.