Quick and effective tips to clean your water cooler

Contaminated water can causes health-related issues. It is essential to have your water cooler cleaned on a regular interval to ensure healthy and clean water. When a water cooler is effectively cleaned, the water will be safe for consumption. It will enhance your health and overall well-being. You should contact Brisbane water cooler suppliers if you are planning to get your water cooler cleaned. The reason why you should contact professionals for the job is that it is a detailed process and should be done by an expert only. Some leading water cooler company also provides free cleaning for their clients.

Here are some of the tips to clean your water cooler, if you decide to do it yourself:

1. Switch off the power button

When you plan to clean the water cooler, you may forget that it is still switched on. During such circumstances, there may be to you or your staff. Leading water cooler companies advise that you first switch off the water cooler and unplug it. This is an easy step but many people end up overlooking it in the hurry to clean the water cooler. You can hire Brisbane office water coolers to effectively clean your water cooler and avoid this risk.

2. Replace filter

Many people focus on cleaning the water bowl. But, this can’t be considered the proper cleaning of the water cooler. It may miss the area that requires maximum cleaning. The water filter is the most important element of your water cooler. It is crucial to replace of the water filter in every six months’ period for your better health.

3. Remove all water from the cooler

While cleaning the water cooler, you do not have to just empty the water bowl. In proper cleaning of the water cooler, it is imperative to remove all the water within the machine. Otherwise, there is no point in cleaning the water cooler. The bowl is just the single aspect of a water cooler. You should call Brisbane water cooler experts to remove all the water from the machine. Also, it is necessary to remove the top of the cooler and effectively clean the inside.

4. You must sanitise the cooler

This is a crucial step that many people will overlook. However, it is vital for the overall cleaning process of the water cooler. An expert will wipe the water cooler from the outside with the help of a sanitizer. Since the water cooler is touched by many people, it becomes imperative to clean and sanitise it all over. It will help in killing the germs and promote your health.


The aforementioned tips will help when it comes to cleaning your water cooler. You should seek help from Brisbane office water cooler professionals to effectively clean your water cooler. The experts will also sanitise the taps and double-check the whole system before leaving so that your water cooler is ready to be used again immediately. They will also examine water flow and fit a new filter.