4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Bottleless Water Coolers Instead of a Bottled Water Delivery Service

Contaminated water has the potential of causing harmful diseases and its consumption can make you unwell. You can trust water coolers Gold Coast when it comes to procuring safe and healthy drinking water. Many people in their offices and homes have now begun to opt for bottleless water coolers over bottled water delivery amid its several benefits. A bottleless water cooler is not only cleaner but it will also keep you safe and healthy. Also, clean and healthy water helps in eliminating all the toxins from the body.

Below are the 4 major reasons why you should go for bottleless water coolers instead of a bottled water delivery service:

1. Less Handling of Supplies

It is worth mentioning that office workers are at risk of injuries when they replace heavy water jugs. During this process, they may end up hurting their legs, arms, or feet. And, sprains and injuries emerged among major 5 common workplace injuries accounting for 30% of entire workers compensation claims. The task of changing the huge water jug is not only tiring but it may pose a huge health risk. On the contrary, when you deal with a bottleless water cooler, it will not bring down the spread of germs but promote office workers’ safety. You can get in touch with office water coolers Gold Coast to obtain hassle-free bottleless water delivery.

2. Economical

Bottleless water delivery has emerged quite economical as well when compared with bottled water delivery service. According to a study, one bottle-free water cooler can serve nearly 50 employees and cost an organisation approximately $700/year. Meanwhile, a bottled water delivery service that will serve 50 individuals can cost up to a whopping $4,200/year. So, if you are planning to introduce new bottle-free water coolers to your office, it will be cheaper than a bottled water delivery service.

3. Limit the Arrival of People to the Office

The arrival of visitors to your office can pose risk to the existing workforce. The best way to limit illness is to limit guests, but that may be tough to do when you depend on a bottled water delivery system. Bottleless water coolers do not need regular deliveries as they easily hook up to your organisation’s existing water supply. Contact water cooler Gold Coast to get a bottleless water cooler and limit the arrival of people to your organisation.

4. Cleaner

There is a possibility that your office’s huge water jug dispenser may not be effectively cleaned for years. This can make it prone to bacterial organisms thus putting the health of employees at risk. Meanwhile, when it comes to bottleless water dispensers, the water is coming from the supply through the latest filtration and sanitisation technologies thus eliminating the contaminants from water.


You can always rely on bottleless water cooler if you are keen to lead a healthy life. You can contact the office water cooler Gold Coast to secure a bottleless water cooler. It is imperative to drink only clean water as it will not only keep you healthy but increase your productivity in the office. We know that water is life as it provides you the necessary nourishment. Clean water can keep fatal conditions like typhoid, hepatitis A, and cholera at bay.