Importance of Water Quality in Making Perfect Coffee and Tea

In recent years, many people have developed a bit of an addiction to coffee and tea due to their perfect taste. There are seasons when drinking ice-cold water from a benchtop water cooler probably makes you shiver. This is the time of the year when we all settle for hotter beverages to keep us warm. Could your regular tap water be ruining your crafted creation or get you started with something hot in the morning? One thing often overlooked is the quality of water used to make our cups of coffee or tea.

Does the quality of the water matter?

Coffee and tea are 98% water, which makes instant boiling water essential to the final product. Water is not just an ingredient but a solvent that extracts the flavor of your tea or coffee. To dissolve tea and coffee compounds, the water has to form a chemical bond with the solids. Therefore, the water you use can affect the taste and texture of your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Tap water vs filtered watered

Have you ever made your usual brewed coffee or tea and wondered why it had a weird taste? It’s probably the water. Unwanted flavor and impurities might be lurking in tap water and affect the final flavor of your beverage. Tap water is treated with chlorine which causes a foul taste and bad odor. Tap water content can even change with the weather (for example, when there is a lot of rain). Increased pressure can push extra particles through the tap, making your coffee or tea fail to hit the spot.

The next time that you find yourself in a specialty coffee or tea house, you might notice that they use filtered water. They control what ends up in your cup with designated hot and cold water dispensers. Filtered water has a mineral content that makes the water taste good. A low mineral content makes the water lack mouthfeel and flavor, and it tastes flat. Unfiltered water also changes the color of tea by adding a cloudy appearance and a hint of a metallic taste. Filtered water infuses flavor more quickly and eliminates the murky froth that forms on top of the tea. Thus, as a coffee lover and tea devotee, filtered water gives you great enjoyment of your favorite tea or coffee.

Choose Purified Water

Purified water makes an astounding difference to the taste of tea and coffee. It contains enough minerals for flavor enhancement, which is an important part of the tea and coffee-making process. It is easy to fill in your coffee machine or tea kettle with purified water.


If you love your tea and like your coffee, use purified water. The difference between a good and a great cup is what’s in your water. At Smarter Water, we offer easy solutions for improving coffee and tea taste with our hot and cold water dispensers. Contact us to ensure you purify your everyday drinking water and not just for tea and coffee.