Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bottleless Water Cooler from Regular Dispenser

You may like the convenience and ease offered by bottled water but the use of bottleless water dispenser is surging. Sunshine Coast water coolers have carved its identity as a leading supplier of bottleless water cooler dispenser.  It is worth noting that when you switch to a bottleless water cooler from your conventional water dispenser, you can save 30% to 70%. You need to shell out a huge amount towards your water utility bill when you get your water delivered at home or office. With a bottleless water dispenser, you will not have to witness the complicating ordering, storage woes, invoices, etc. There are various reasons that will point out why you should opt for a bottleless water dispenser.

1. Environment:

It is important to note that thousands of water deliveries take place every day by trans-burning fossil fuel. It may create CO2 and released other harmful particle pollutants in the environment. Reliance on bottled water not only causes harm to the environment but it leads to global warming as well. These bottles are often found in oceans and in the stomach of several species thus causing their premature death. When you switch to bottleless water dispenser no such issues will arise. It will lead to a healthier and safer environment in the longer run. And, the animals around us will also live safely. The plants will also thrive in the absence of plastics thus leading to a better eco-system. When you rely on bottleless water, you can bring down carbon footprint by removing undesired deliveries. You can buy bottleless water dispensers at affordable prices from Sunshine Coast office water coolers.

2. A necessity for the modern office:

A bottleless water dispenser has emerged a necessity for your office if you want to elevate the confidence of employees. In many modern workplaces, it has already emerged as one of the basic amenities. You may appear outdated and out of touch if you do not provide one. You can conveniently spot various types of bottleless water dispensers that will suit your office’s requirements, budget, and style. When you scout for a bottleless water dispenser in the market, you can find them in several colors and finishes that can match your workplace décor. The various models of water dispensers are equipped with two or three temperatures and varying types and levels of water filtration. Sunshine Coast water cooler can provide you with a vast range of bottleless water dispensers at cost-effective prices.

3. Offer several features:

The latest bottleless water dispensers offer various features apart from providing fresh and clean water to employees in offices. Your employees can use the modern bottleless water dispenser for brewing coffee or tea or even warming up instant food. These water dispensers have now emerged as must-have for any modern office.


The potential of bottleless water coolers is surging. You can enjoy plenty of benefits offered by them. You can purchase beautiful dispensers from the Sunshine Coast office water cooler. When you switch to a bottleless water dispenser, it will eliminate the requirement of producing, recycling, and dumping of plastic bottles. It will also decline the energy costs that may go into the production of bottled water. You will not have to spend unnecessary time in counting bottles and placing orders.