4 Common Misconceptions about Water Coolers

Water coolers have gained huge popularity due to the benefits associated with them. However, many individuals still harbor plenty of misconceptions about water coolers. They believe that they are quite expensive to purchase and you need to spend a lot on maintenance. You should speak to Brisbane office water cooler  specialists and they will bust all these misconceptions. It is imperative to carry out your own research so that you can understand these fallacies effectively.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about water coolers that you should be aware of:

1. They don’t do anything

Water coolers can effectively filter your water. When you fill a glass with tap water, you may notice some microscopic things moving around the water. When you fill the same glass from the water cooler, you will not notice such content. This is because tap water may contain particles from rusting pipes. Such particles can be eliminated when you get water from the cooler and your body will also remain healthy. You can contact Brisbane water cooler suppliers to access the best quality water coolers.

2. Water cooler will only give cold water

When you think of a water cooler, the thought of cold water will come to your mind. But, that is far from the only option on modern water coolers. Now water coolers provide both cold water and hot water options. This means that you can make tea or coffee without any hassle. Cold water will quench your thirst during scorching hot days and hot water will keep you warm during chilly winter days.

3. You have to buy water bottles with water coolers

This is yet another common misconception. But the truth is that when you buy a smart water cooler there is no need to for water bottles. This will help in saving your money. And, it is good for the environment as well. Also, water bottles are not healthy for you. You can attach the water cooler to your water supply and it will filter it effectively. You can buy good quality water coolers from Brisbane water cooler suppliers at cost-effective prices.

4. Water coolers take up your space

Many individuals believe that a water cooler will require a lot of space. But, the fact is that the base of water coolers is equal to the perimeter of a basketball. This means that you will be able to fit a water cooler even in narrow spaces effortlessly. You do not need to change your existing lay out to accommodate a water cooler. Additionally, water coolers can significantly introduce a great degree of sophistication to your office and home. You send out an important message about the importance of the health and well-being of office employees when you invest in good quality water coolers.


When you buy a water cooler, you get to enjoy several advantages. You should get in touch with Brisbane office water cooler suppliers to get your water cooler at an economical price range. Many offices and homes miss out on the advantages of water cooler due to their misconceptions. Spending money on bottles is more expensive than buying a water cooler. Not only you boost your own health but contribute to the environment when you buy a water cooler.