5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Filter Cartridge

Water filters render a helping hand in absorbing contaminants as well as delivering safe and healthy water for drinking purposes from water cooler Gold Coast. Just like any other mechanism, water filter cartridges have a life span that often extends up to a period of eleven to twelve months. There are some signs when you must change your water filter.

1. A call from a customer care executive

You may be sufficiently carefree and not choose to heed the due date for the replacement of your water filter cartridge. However, the customer executives of office water coolers Gold Coast are sufficiently careful to call you well in advance to announce the date of expiry. If you just get a call regarding replacement, ensure that you keep an eye on the cartridge and consider changing it promptly.

2. Change in taste

Checking the taste of your water is another method to determine if the filter cartridge needs replacement. If, it starts tasting funky and nasty, giving out a chlorine taste, you now understand that there is deterioration taking place. This change in taste occurs when your filter cartridge becomes incapable of absorbing contaminants, and hence allows pollutants to accrue in your drinking water.

3. Smelly water

Water that smells bad is another sign that your filter cartridge is not functioning sufficiently. The contaminants in the water, apart from tasting bad, also emit a stale smell. It is certainly tine to make a switch.

4. When the digital alarm goes off

A digital alarm is set to go off every 11 months. If you hear a beeping sound from your water coolers Gold Coast, it is high time to consider replacing your water filter cartridge.

5. A reduction in flow rate

When the time comes for a new water filter cartridge, the speed of flow of the water decreases considerably, a clear forecast that a replacement is needed. The reduction in flow rate does not mean that your water filter has stopped functioning completely, but it is an indicator that the carbon is not performing efficiently. Therefore, proper attention in time will once again allow for better efficiency and absorbing contaminants.


These signs might not appear all of a sudden, as they tend to emerege slowly and steadily. So, when detect an issue creeping up, do not wait. Get your filter cartridge replaced to enjoy safe and potable water from your office water cooler Gold Coast.