Should My Pet Drink Filtered Water?

If you have a pet, you will understand the love that one feels towards their furry friend. No matter what kind of pet you have, you want to make sure they are always happy, healthy and safe. But when it comes to drinking water how many of us think about providing them filtered water? Even after having water coolers in our home, have you considered sharing the Brisbane water cooler love with our dogs. Let’s find out why it is important to provide filtered water to our dogs?

Importance of Hydration for Dogs

Exactly like the body of a human, dogs also have a body that is made of up to 80% water. So, if we can have the privilege of drinking delicious filtered water, why can’t our furry friends?

Water is extremely important for them, just as it is for any other living creature.

  • Water regulates their body temperature just like water does to our body. Dogs have the habit of running around a lot and playing. Hence, water is needed to maintain their body temperament.
  • Water also keeps their skin elastic and their fur soft.
  • Water maintains the lubrication of their joints and this further keeps them healthy.
  • Keeps their nose, eyes, mouth moist

Brisbane Office water cooler provider Smarter Water offer the most clean and fresh water. This water helps their digestive system to stay in good condition. As dogs intake a lot of raw protein, filtered water is really important to help break the protein down.

Benefits of Providing Filtered Water to Your Pet

1. Helps to protect your dog from any type of contaminants:

It is very easy for your tap water to be contaminated. While, this isn’t often the case, especially in Australia, it can still occur. To ensure your pet is blessed with the best fresh water, you should always provide filtered water from Brisbane water cooler to keep them nice and healthy.

2. Low amount of chlorine:

Drinking chlorine water every day isn’t ideal for our health. Unless you filter your tap water, your furry friend will be consuming chlorine. Your furry friends need extra love and care when it comes to their hydration as we often take it for granted and provide them tap water.

3. Tear staining:

We often notice dogs have dark tear stains under their eyes. This is a common problem and mostly attributed to diet. But unfiltered water which they drink may contain a high level of total dissolved solids. This can affect and shoe tear staining on our dog. Many dog owners have reported a positive impact and less tear staining when they provided their dog filtered water. Brisbane office water coolers provide filtered fresh and clean water for you, your family and of course your furry friends!